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Products & Services

Sunday Morning Services - Start @ : $ 350

Sunday afternoon Services- Start @ ; $ 250

Funerals - $ Start @ : 175.00

Watch Night Services - Start @ : $ 400.00

Christian Weddings - Start @ : $ 400.00

Conferences & Conventions - Start @ : $200 a Night

private Studio Work - Start @ ; $ 150.00 a session

* Secure Payment Accepted @:

Acting Minister of Music

Providing Acting minister of Music services for churches who either don't have a minister of Music or the minister of music has an emergency and will not be available or is simply unreliable. Call the ' on-Call' Organist

Music Consultations

If you as a Pastor are having difficulties with your : Church band, Choir, Praise Team or Music Dept. entirely call for advise and even a comprehensive report for improvement. Starts @ : $ 250.00

" On-Call" Gospel

The " On-Call" Organist has served as a replacement musician for many church services, events and community activities in the DMV region. he has played for the Hit Christian play : " Dischord in the Choir" which tested his acting skills as he played an elderly minister of music Dr. Madison an an evil Minister of Music from the deep south, Dr. T.M. Walker. he has played for Sunday Morning Services @ the last minute for: 1st. Baptist Church of Cherry Hill, Southern Friendship Baptist Church, Lifeline Church, Christ-like Apostolic, Sam's Club, Inc. 1st. Mt. Olive Baptist, Nehemiah Baptist Church, Elohim Full Gospel Church, Israel Baptist Church Noonday Services, Pentecost Baptist Church, The Bells of Joy Gospel Quartet, The Strohman Singers ( Female Quartet)

Emcee's On-Call

Providing professional Master of Ceremonies services for both Gospel & Community events. Trained @ WBFF Tv Fox 45 as a host of the student TV show: " Street Scenes'. interviewing Mayor William Donald Schaeffer, Police Commissioner Bishop Robinson and the Fireboard Commissioner Bishop Winfield Amos Showell , Pastor of the 1st. Apostolic Faith Institutional Church. Conducted interviews and Media Scheduling for 14 years for: " Save Another Youth / Stop The Killing Coalition under Rev. Willie E. Ray. Appeared as a Guest Panelist on WBAL TV 11's Bottom Line Show hosted by Kawesii Mfume, Executive Producer & Host of: " The Artist-N-Unity Radio Hour on WBGR 860 AM, Executive Producer & Host of: The Praise Unlimited Radio Outreach Hour ' on Radio One's WOLB 1010 AM, Executive Producer & Host of : " Elevation Radio1" since 2018- present, Executive Producer & Host of: " Indie Focus" Radio on iHeart Radio & the DWGN Network.

The Praise Band

Started in 2000 playing on a rooftop " Praise" made up of various Ministers of Music from various denominations from across Baltimore. * Winners of the Mars Music Store Showcase, * Nominated Best New Group by the : " Newsome Gospel Awards', have appeared on : The Blessed & Talented Soul Ministries" TV Show, * The Keeping it Real " TV Show, and has played for the 51st. City Tour of the American Clergy Association. Appeared as musical guests for the " Music Marathon" for the late Dr. Julius Brockington @ Manna Bible Baptist Church. * The ROOTS of Scouting Summer Fundraiser

For bookings call; 1-410-302-2737

Event Management & Concert Development

Having come from a musical family and descendant of Program Organizers, it is quite easy for Pastor Turner to organize innovatively Gospel music presentations to the body of Christ through : Praise Unlimited Ministries. Use him as your consultant. * Services start @ $ 500

What our customers are saying

Shad Brown, CEO of Hallelujah Musicians Magazine'; Said " Steve Turner is stuffed with innovative ideas for the Body of Christ". 

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Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Monthly Service

$ 500

Per Month

Best Package Offer

1 hr. Consultation

30 min. Telephone Consultation

Up to 5 professional Referrals

1 Comprehensive Detailed Music Report

Weekly Service

$ 200

Per Week

Best for General Upkeep

45 min. session

30 min. telephone Consultation

Up to 3 Music Referrals

1 general Outline

Daily Service

$ 100

Per Day

best for Budget Conscious

15 minute Session

Up to 2 Referrals

2 Email Inquiries

Email Response and short outline Assessment

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